Chroma-Key Studio's

Any color. Any style. Anywhere in the world. Use our studio and have your session done in front of green. Then, using digital processing, the sky is the limit.

On-Site Sessions

Meet anywhere you want too. For family, senior pictures, or just an outdoor fun shoot. We will come to you for any occasion you would like.

Wedding Services

Everyone loves to remember their big day!  From pre-wedding shots all the way to the end of your reception, we are with you for the day!


Click on any image to see the full photo. On the full photo, click or double tap to see the actual size of our photos. This gives you an idea of clarity and resolution of all our photos.
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How we do things:

As with most and every photographer, we started out as a hobbyist loving to take pictures. Over time with classes, hours of learning and different situations of shooting images, we wanted to turn it into something a little bit more.

Chroma-Key Studio Setup: Explained in a post on our page, Chroma-Key is imagery shot against a green screen, then fully digitally edited to put you or your family anywhere, against any background of your choosing. Color, Lighting attributes, etc. are all taken into consideration when editing.

We do NOT do this as a main source of income or as a way to try to take advantage of anyone. Everyone loves to have pictures of their family, regardless if it is just an outdoor photo shoot, or an event you want to remember forever. While we do offer wedding packages, we do believe in doing things as the client wants them, not our own set way. So we encourage you to add, subtract or change things up, even build your own.

We NEVER charge by the hour, or limit your time that you will spend with us for sessions. If an outdoor session takes an hour, or even 2, then its ok with us. We do have standard times listed for our packages and services, however if something goes over, we are not going to mind. We love to offer professional services that will make you want to come back and use us again.

NO LIMITS. We do NOT limit your photos. From sessions to weddings, the pictures taken will be yours with no raised prices. We already took the pictures, so we feel it is wrong to decide what you receive, or put a count on them.

PRICING. Although everything has a price on it, please reach out and ask if your wanting a session or even a wedding done and cannot afford full professional prices. We love to work with anyone regardless.

2 PHOTOGRAPHERS! While we have 2 photographers, usually only 1 will cover most sessions as well as the Bronze, Silver & Gold Wedding Packages. 2 photographers will be included in the Platinum & Diamond packages for weddings, as well as any event to cover anything.

ASK AWAY!! We are usually available different times of the day and night to answer questions, or get you booked. We have a fast response rate, 15 Min or less.

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Regardless if your just looking for more information, checking to see open availability for a certain date, or simply have a question about how we do things, click to send us a message. No question is a wrong question, and will always answer anything usually under an hour.