How we do things:

With us, we do things a bit different than most. Any sessions, events, family photos, senior photos and yes, even weddings carry no cost! This means all of our services offered are free of charge to you. How do we afford to do this? Simple. This is all explained below:

Any session will not carry a cost. This means we will schedule and meet to do your session free of charge

After the session, all your photos will be uploaded to our album site.

All the photos that go here go under purchase, at very reasonable rates.

These can be purchased individually, or at an even more discounted rate if the entire album is purchased.

Prints can also be purchased from the same album, and delivered to your home.

All the digital files, as well as the prints all come at full resolution and qHD quality, and will contain no watermarks.

By buying only exactly what you want and nothing more, you control how much your sessions cost! Take 1, 2, 10 or all of what you want!

Tips are also appreciated at the time of sessions for our time, but are completely up to you and not required. However, by tipping, it may carry exclusive deals on your album!

By doing sessions this way, your completely in control of everything you want!

Chroma-Key Studio's

Leriche-Photography Chroma-Key Explained

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Take your photos to a whole new level! With our ChromaKey Studio sessions, you will come and meet us in our studio. All your photos are shot against a green screen backdrop, then fully edited to become any kind of picture you want. Anything can be edited, from color to shadowing, the sky is the limit. Using our studio, chose any background from anywhere in the world, no matter how remote. With our screening system and programming, changing your photos is almost instant. And, with live preview in our studio, you can see everything edited instantly to make any changes you like. With ChromaKey, there is no limits.

Packaging includes some photo limits and your choice of time and location

Only available on a limited basis, and availability varies by studio setup

Photo Sessions


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Outdoor sessions are always fun, and rewarding if there is somewhere you absolutely love. Let us come to you, or wherever you would like. We cover a very broad range of our local area, even will travel if it is required. Regardless if it is just family pictures, graduation, prom, seasonal, engagement or senior portraits, we are always happy to be a part of your special times

Packaging includes no photo limits and your choice of time and location

Newborn Sessions


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Usually done within the first month, newborn sessions are a way to capture memories of your baby and keep them forever! While they also cost more than a regular session, sometimes we need more time. Also, these sessions mean no flash and usually indoors requiring more equipment and an assistant to capture the shots correctly.

Packaging includes no photo limits and your choice of time and location

Engagement Session

IMG_0018 (2018_03_11 22_09_35 UTC)

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Show off your engagement with some loving and romantic photos! While engagement sessions do cost more than a regular photo session, engagement sessions cover more time and usually include more photos. We can also use the golden hour if the location used is acceptable.
- Golden hour is sunset photos
Get in touch with us for more details and availability!

Packaging includes no photo limits and your choice of time and location



For Wedding Details + Info:

If its only for a few hours, or the whole day into the night, we are available for your wedding. We cover them fully with 2 photographers regardless, package deal or not. The link above lists 5 packages we usually offer, but anything can be done to fit your needs as everyone does things a bit different. Prices listed on them are standard, however we will work with anyone on a budget. Message us with any questions or more info.

All wedding packages include travel, no photo limit, online albums, print options, etc.

Prom / Graduation


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Gather your family and friends for event photos! For prom and graduation photos, there is a no person limit. Remember the milestones in your life, and have us photograph them. Graduation photos will include stage photos as well.

Packaging includes no photo limits and your choice of time and location

Non-Profit + Charity Events

If you have an event about to go on, and would like photography for it, please reach out to us and let us know. We always love to be apart of these events, and do it completely free of charge, including all the photos. Reach out to us, and discuss details and dates for availability.


Ready to find out more? Send us a message for availability

Schedule Services

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss rates or availability, please send us a message. Usual reply time is one hour.

ALL photos go live on our PixieSet page. From here, you can download any and all photos included in your session. You can also print from our PixieSet page.